Saint Martin - Island

White sand beaches, turrquoise sea, palm trees, relaxation and festive nightlife : this is how one could remember Saint-Martin Island, « The Friendly Island ». But there is more to it : this little island in the Caribbean sea has a lot to offer.


Saint-Martin, a 75 km2 island as unique as it is idyllic, will offer you an incredible experience. From its clear-blue sea to its magnificent sunsets; from its crazy night parties to its bustling daily life; this island never sleeps! One can never be bored with such a variety of landscapes, beaches, events and activities.

The richness of our heritage will delight you as you discover it during your stay. The island is also, and above all, a melting pot of interwined cultures; made richer by their very friendly cohabitation from which a very unique Caribbean art was born.

Grand-Case is also a must-see, for it is the island's gastronomic capital. An entire street is dedicated to the presentation of new flavors and you will be able to choose between eating on the sand or at more sophisticated tables.

Simpson Bay, Maho Bay and Orient Bay are where you will experience the festive nightlife of the island; be it barefeet parties near the water, crazy events in clubs or even casino nights...

Many nautical activities such as kite surf, windsurfing, surf, jet ski or scuba diving will give you thrills of exitement and make for beautiful memories! It is also possible to discover the island by horse rides, paraglider, canoe, boat ... just pick your favorite! And who knows, maybe along the way you will get to see some turtles, dolphins, whales, iguanas and many other preserved species !