Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Saint-Martin Island – General Inquiries

1. What is the weather like ?

The island has a sub-tropical climate. The most enjoyable season goes from November to June. The « hurricane season », from July to October, also offer very good weather. Air temperature varies between 25 and 40 °C. Rainstorms are scarce and never last long. Water temperature is most often between 26 and 30 °C.

2. What are the spoken languages ?

French and Dutch are the two official languages but English is still the native language of most St. Martiners. Creol and Spanish are also very used. More than 100 nationalities are represented on the « Friendly Island ».

3. What is the time difference ?

5 hours with Paris during summer time, 6h during winter time. 1 hour difference with New York.

4. Are there airports on the island ? What are the formalities to enter ?

The Princess Juliana Airport is located on the Dutch part of Simpson Bay and receives flights from Europe, America and other Caribbean islands. In the French part, l'Esperance Airport welcomes flights from close-by islands.

5. What is the island's currency ?

Dollars, Euros and Guilders ( Dutch area) can be used on the island. Credit cards are most often accepted and many ATMs are available.

Your arrival

1. Do I need to rent a car on the island ?

If you choose to only stay on the oriental bay for relaxation, there is no need for a rental car. However, if you decide to explore the land, we strongly advise you to rent a car for your stay. Do not hesitate to ask us for information and we will recommend you a reliable car rental compagny.

2. How do I go to my appartment from the airport ?

If you chose to rent a car, the car will be waiting for you at the airport and an employee will escort you to your appartment ( if you rented the car from the compagny we work with). If not, you will find a taxi station next to the airport ( around 30 – 40 Euros a ride).

3. Where is the appartment ? Is it near the beach ?

Our appartment is in the center of the Orient Bay village, next to Waikiki beach. The beach is 5 minutes away by foot through a direct path.

The appartment

1. Where can we go grocery shopping ?

After a ten-minutes walk you will find a supermarket in the village, ideal for its proximity ; open until late at night. There is also a little shop where you can buy bread and pastries.

2. Are there any restaurants close-by ?

Near-by the complex, you will find the area of the village that counts a little dozen of restaurants for your dinners. You will find french, italian or thai cuisine … at every price ( from 12 to 30 euro a dish). During the day, on Orient Bay, many beach restaurants will be available (salads, tapas, barbecues … from 10 to 30 Euros)

3. Is there a pool and parking spots in the residence ?

Our residence has many parking spots, next to the appartmenet ; and a swimming pool accessible for every residents.

4. Do I need to bring linen or towels ?

We provide linens, beach and bath towels. Don't worry about that !

5. Can we drink tap water ?

We recommend you not to drink tap water but to prefer bottled water.